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08 "Please" (Separated Parents)

06 "Mis hijos idiotas"

“Please”   (/4)
   (Separated Parents)
 Op3nCode  ©    Dad or Mom

  G                            -                   Am
Please, sit down and listen for a while
    D                       G
I know you have no time,
         -                     Em                           Am
But please, I need to tell you something.     ___

 G                    -          Am
You live in your isolated isle
    D                 G
Set up your paradigm
      -                    Em                          Am
And all the rest are only dumb things.     ___

                      D                       Em
It´s time for me to spread my wings  
                  Am                              D
At last someone tugged my heartstrings
                     D                       Em (sol)           Am
And now my head feels kind of light and dizzy    ___

                          D                         Em
I know I should have told you in advance,
              Am                        D
But it all happened just by chance
                         D                         Em (sol)              Am
And you always tell me “Mom, Not now, I´m bussy !”   ___

                     D7                 Em (sol)
Someone is waiting at the door,
      -                               D
My feet don’t touch the floor,
                  Em9 (F#)   Am         D7 G6
I`m feeling my heart's flying!.    ___    ___

                  D                               Em
It’s not big deal, so please don’t  scream,
                 Am                         D
It´s part of life, don’t make a scene
                 D                      Em (sol)              Am
I’d hate to see that my big boy's been crying !  ___

G                            -                         Am
Calm down, I’ve prepared two cups of tea
       A                       D         
You won’t sit on my knee,
      -                       Em                       Am       
But we can always share some talking.   ___

 G                  -                        Am
Life is a long road with its own rules
       A                         D
We need not  act like fools
     -                             Em                     Am
Or say things we know will be shocking     ___

                      D                      Em
I’m just your mom, I have my flaws
             Am                     D
I do my best to abide the laws,
                 D                       Em (sol)           Am
I make mistakes, but I just keep on trying     ___

                   D                     Em
I’m not the best mom, I’m afraid
                        Am             D
And  there are prices to be paid
                   D                           Em(sol)              Am
It´s not the first time you have caught me lying     ___

                       D7                  Em (sol)
Someone is knocking at the door,
       -                             D
My feet don’t touch the floor,
                Em9 (F#)     Am     D7 G6
I'm feeling my heart`s flying!.     ___

                   D                    Em
It’s not big deal, it’s just my son,
                        Am                      D
And something good I must have done
                    D                   Em                Am        G
He thinks of me and it’s so gratifying.        ___

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