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10 "Turn On My Lights"

03 "El Precio del Arte"

"Turn On my Lights"
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D                                                                       D-D9-Bm
Don't want to speak my mind,
But please, believe me
                   Bm7              D                           D-D9-Bm
It's been a long a crazy day.

D                                                                      D-D9-Bm
Don't want to sound unkind
So please, don't tease me
                  Bm7                                               D-D9-Bm
I'm in no mood to hear your say.

   D                A7         Em
But if you stare at me
                           A           D
With that look in your eyes
                       A7            Em
Pretending you're annoyed
                                F#m  -  D
Your sweet smile in desguise
       B7                              Em
What can I do, but forget all my troubles ?
        A7        D
Turn on my lights.

    D                                                            D-D9-Bm
When I feel down and out,
What can I tell you
                            Bm7                      D     D-D9-Bm
What do you think I'm thinking of.
D                                                                D-D9-Bm
I don't have any doubt
About my feelings
                        Bm7                D               D-D9-Bm
But I don't want to talk of love

 D                 A7             Em    
But if you move that way
                      A            Em
As if there were no ground
D                    A7            Em
If you play with your hair
                F#m  -  D
As if fooling around.
      B7                               Em
What can I do, but forget all about it ?
            A7          D
Won't let you down.        (2)
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